For a cancer-free future, one cell and block at a time!

Apr 18, 2023 | 2-Min. Read

Andraž Lazič

The Challenge 

X-Zell was in need of a solution to efficiently and reliably maintain a stable operating temperature in their patented cell separation and multiplexed immunostaining instruments. More standard air-based cooling solutions and off the shelf liquid-cooling products were either insufficient at suppressing temperature spikes or proved to be too unreliable, noisy and cumbersome to implement. A more customized liquid-cooling approach was needed. 

We have not had any leakage issues since we made the switch to EK's liquid-cooling solution. 

“Before we decided to work with EK we tried a series of competing products from around the globe but always encountered issues with leakage. EK is known for both build quality and attention to detail and did not disappoint – we have not had any leakage issues since we made the switch.” 

Maintaining a stable operating temperature is critical to the safe separation and ongoing processing of atypical cells from biofluids, especially blood. With a steady flow of heat dissipation, liquid cooling is less prone to temperature spikes than air cooling and able to provide a more refined user experience when it comes to operating noise. 

From day one EK’s engineering was very proactive and ran a series of calculations to ensure each product would meet X-ZELL’s exact requirements. The results are seamless fit and leakage-free operation. 

The Solution

Working together with X-Zell, EK was able to develop a fully customized and reliable liquid-cooling solution that fulfilled all of the rigorous requirements. The developed water block and supporting hardware solution was able to maintain a cool and stable operating temperature of critical components and low noise output. EK’s attention to detail and quality manufacturing techniques and materials resulted in extreme reliability with a three-year long leak-free operation.